Who we are

Staywithus is a project that provides services related to local accommodation. We look for homes with quality and charm, preferably in the ancient and historic areas of Lisbon, the Algarve region and the Portuguese coast. Our service is complete and differentiated from the decor, photographs, licensing, maintenance, booking online, check-in and check-out, cleaning, welcome basket and added services, If you want to take advantage of your house, tell us !!

Aside from sharing the same surname (we are siblings) we share a common taste: the passion for Lisbon. Born and raised “alfacinhas” we decided to embrace a challenge and create this project named Stay with Us.

Bernardo Seabra

Before becoming an entrepreneur, I already was an adventurer. As a surfer, I’ve been around the world, in seas and oceans. Travelling allowed me to meet the diversity of other places, but also enjoy the great charm and potential of Lisbon. I have a degree in management and I have always been self-employed. Stay with Us is a consequence of my personal and professional journey.

Ana Rita Seabra

Me and my brother couldn’t be more different. I feel great reverence for the sea, however in land I’ve lived in three different countries. I studied fashion design, worked in ELLE magazine, travel agencies and in an insurance company. I married an architect and I have a passion for interior design as well as photography and cinema. I have always worked for an employer but now I am fully responsible for Stay with Us along with my brother Bernardo.