Local accommodation is a different and safe way to go abroad chosen by millions of travellers. Did you choose Lisbon, the Algarve or the Portuguese Coast around Comporta as a traveller destination? Also discover the charms of the Portuguese Coast in Comporta, without forgetting the quality of life in the Algarve Region. Do you want to feel comfortable, like you’re at home, with friendly prices and to experience a more genuine and alternative route different from traditional tourism? Holding centuries of history, Lisbon is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city. Its ancient soul combines the charm of sidewalks and traditional neighbourhoods, busy avenues and downtown streets, monuments and cafes, museums and gardens, people and traditions. To know Lisbon better you have to enter through the heart of the houses of the typical neighbourhoods that tell so many stories. Explore the charms of the Portuguese Coast as well, and don’t forget about the great quality of life in Algarve!


The Shuttle

Stay with Us and we will pick you up at the airport or train station. We take you, your family and the luggage directly to the house you chose to stay. You may book your Transfer here.


Stay with Us has the house you are looking for. A small studio in Alfama, an old house in the typical neighbourhood of Graça, a villa in the upmarket district of Lapa or a house overlooking the sea in the Portuguese coast. The services open with an explanatory text that offers a virtual guide tour through the house, with a photo gallery and the mythical light of Lisbon. It provides all house elements, location, typology and little charms, as well as the price per night and booking availability.

Welcome Basket

Stay with Us welcomes you with tasty green apples, a bottle of wine (find out more), a small Stay with Us guide to fully enjoy Lisbon, and a welcoming gift of postcards (see postcards) you can send to your family and friends.

The Culture

Stay with Us likes culture and its agenda is aware of all the events. Listening to music, from Fado to opera, visiting museum and art galleries and walking around the city discovering the historical heritage, monuments, churches and gardens are all part of our tourism-cultural route.

The Gastronomy

The best way to know a city or a country is at the table. Stay with Us and we will take you to the typical taverns and old cafes, restaurants and gourmet spaces where you can have unforgettable gastronomic experiences. From traditional food to snacks, from Portuguese nouvelle cuisine to wine tasting, we will recommend and we will make the bookings at your discretion.


In this city of contrasts, where the past and the present coexist with the ocean, it is not easy to discover its secrets. Stay with Us and we will show you the real and authentic Lisbon the same way a friend would show you his hometown. We have customized roadmaps and thematic itineraries for small groups.


Let yourself get carried away by the calling of the sea. With over 800 kilometres of coastline, Portugal has natural scenarios that are perfect to practice extreme sports and achieve high levels of adrenaline and emotion. Stay with Us gives you surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, kite surfing or paddling lessons, in case you are a beginner. If you are already experienced, Stay with Us can lead you to the wild beaches with white sand and the blue sea of the Atlantic coast.

The Stay with Us Tours

Tour of Lisbon

Lose yourself in the back alleys of Lisbon, where the tiled façades tell stories dressed in shades of blue and white. Let your feet walk among the fish, flowers, mermaids and birds of the Portuguese traditional flooring. Meet the city of the seven hills through architecture, museums, gardens and shops, the river Tagus, the well-known Fado and the thrill of nightlife. On the day of your departure you will finally understand the meaning of the untranslatable word saudade.

Cascais & Sintra Tours

Cascais is an ancient fishing village 20 minutes away from Lisbon. Without losing its natural charm it has a cosmopolitan atmosphere. In the typical streets of Cascais, traditional white houses join international brand shops and at the Marina, anchored yachts and sailboats sway in the wind dreaming of the ocean.
Two steps away from Lisbon and set amidst the pine covered hills, Sintra keeps the magic beauty in a perfect marriage between sea and mountain views, royal palaces and mysterious castles. This romantic town has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO and the richness of its heritage includes the Moorish Castle and the Pena Palace.

Sesimbra & Arrábida Tour

Sesimbra has the charm of a tiny fishing village and you can discover it at the table with freshly caught fish and fresh seafood. In the village of Azeitão, known for its vineyards, you can enjoy in one of the oldest wineries the famous Moscatel wine. In Palmela its castle stands between the splendour of Arrábida landscape. In the Natural Park you can also observe specimens of flora and terrestrial fauna, as well as dolphins, white storks and ospreys.

West Coast Tour

In the very heart of Portugal, Óbidos is a village with medieval charm. Walled by a castle, the little white houses with flowers lurking at the windows feel protected. In the bay of São Martinho do Porto the very calm sea is decorated with boats. Nazaré is another small fishing village and retains the Portuguese traditions, although here you can bump into surfer McNamara. One of the most famous world shrines, Fátima is visited every year by millions of believers searching for a miracle or in thanks to an answered prayer.