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Why choose Stay with Us?


Local accommodation is a sociological and cultural trend of the XXI century and a continuously growing phenomenon. Do you have a house or apartment that you would like to maximize and monetize, but lack the know-how and expertise? If you do not want to deal with the logistics-related issues such as hosting the guests, cleaning and house maintenance and do not want to worry about anything, Stay with Us has great news for you.

Our results speak for themselves


One does not need to be a genius in maths to realise that you can earn a lot more from temporary lettings than from long term lease. Follow our line of reasoning and do your calculations.


Time flexibility

Temporary letting works for a short period, for example; two or three months of the year, or during your holiday.


Contract flexibility

Instead of an annual or long term contract, as in the normal letting, the owner may rescind the contract with four months in advance.

Tax benefits

In tax terms the local housing gives more benefits than normal letting.

Provided Services

Stay With Us carries out the management of your house or apartment, regarding tenants and space maintenance. Rest assured that we take care of the internal logistic, so you no longer have to be concerned with changing the sheets and towels or a broken dishwasher.

Management of booking and rental

Your success as an owner and host depends on how your guests are treated. Wouldn’t you like them to return and leave the most flattering comments about you on social networks and platforms, which can be translated by the increase of bookings? Stay with Us and we will make it happen.

Check-in & Check-out

Stay with Us gives your guests a warm greeting and welcomes them to your home and supervises and follows their stay from beginning to end.

The Legal issues

Stay with Us offers legal support and helps you deal with the legal and administrative aspects, to comply with your legal obligations without any headaches.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Stay with Us will clean your home and take of the replacement of basic products like bed sheets, bath towels and everything necessary for a house to work well.

Welcome Basket

We believe a quality service is in the details. So in the welcome basket Stay with Us visitors will find tasty green apples, a bottle of wine (find out more), a small Stay with Us guide to Lisbon, and a welcoming gift of postcards (see postcards) they can send to their family and friends.


Sometimes houses are not well prepared to welcome tourists and foreigners. With a creative approach in interior design, Stay With Us can help you renewing the atmosphere of your home, offering its visitors the comfort of feeling at home. Also, if you need to furnish or redecorate the house or apartment, we can take care of it. (see examples)


Promoting your house or apartment is one of the keys of success. Wouldn’t you like to present your space at its best, with appealing pictures that reveal its soul and invite others to stay there? Stay With Us discovers and shows the most photogenic angles of your home and the most desirable areas, with appropriate lighting and frameworks. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

The Advertisement

In addition to the photo gallery, the ad relies on an appealing but also explanatory text, a complete inventory telling about the accommodations location and types of homes, price per night and booking availability. Stay With Us knows what the tourists like to read and writes the ad for you, indicating the surroundings, location of the neighbourhood, transport connections, walking distance to the main historic areas, shops, cafes or museums, views, number of rooms, beds, internet and even if its pet friendly.

House Promotion

Internet is the main source chosen by tourists to find accommodation abroad. Stay with Us promotes your house on top sites and home rental platforms such as the world-popular Airbnb, Booking, Homeaway and TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site. Large online real estate agencies have an appealing design and intuitive web navigation that functions as a social network, where hosts and tenants assess each other. Stay with Us and your house will look good in the picture and will be spoken for the best reasons.

Know everything about us

Stay with Us will manage your home with the utmost transparency and profitability. Each house is different and for that reason we customise the conditions and budgets according to each owner.

Describe us your house or apartment

Fill out our media contact form and register your home. Tell us all the details. Stay with Us will give you an estimate of your monthly income.

Make an appointment

Leave your contact to schedule a visit to your house.

Discover the value of your house

Your house is worth more than you think. Stay with Us evaluates local accommodation prices in your area accordingly to its typology. We will fix the more profitable price for you, in order to maximise load factors and increase revenues.

Get payed in your account

The payment of your revenues from lettings is done by bank transfer to your account with full transparency and security.

What Property owners say

I love houses, especially if they have been lovingly restored. Once I turn them into cosy, charming places to stay, while respecting their unique style, I am ready to host. Stay With Us gives me full peace of mind. I hand the keys and they care for the rest as if I was there in person.



We are used to letting out houses to guests from abroad. However, time is often a limitation. Professionally, enthusiastically, Stay With Us does the work for us and our clients are thankful in many languages!

Catarina & Joana