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Build With Us deals with everything and anything else.

Bernardo Vaz Pinto, Ana Rita Seabra and Bernardo Seabra

About Us

The Build With Us team is made up of three people: Ana Rita and Bernardo, whom you already know from Stay With Us, along with Bernardo Vaz Pinto. Apartments and houses are our passion and the multidisciplinary team Build With Us is made up of civil engineers, architects and decorators. In close collaboration with our construction partners, we interpret and carry out the client’s wishes, translating their ideas. We have experience in various types of work, from construction to rehabilitation, from remodelling to decoration. We are specialists in real estate rehabilitation projects whose investors or owners want to adapt to local accommodation.

And above all, we’re a family business.

Bernardo Vaz Pinto

Leading Architect

“I like to discover new paths, rather than accepting already outlined routes and it was this will that led me to explore other ways of looking at the world, studying architecture and working in the United States. I have a Bachelor of Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design and a Master’s from Harvard University, Graduate School of Design. I am the founding partner of the Lisbon Design Studio, which develops projects of varying scale, but always with an emphasis on construction and sustainability. Build With Us is a family partnership that seeks quality responses to the challenges of housing in a time of constant change.”

Build With Us directs and executes your home improvements with all the professional skills, replacing you in the contact with the professionals involved. Therefore you will have just one interlocutor – us. You can rest assured with the delivery of the kitchen tiles and stop being worried about the master builder that doesn’t answer the phone or with the electrician that failed again to appear. Aside from not spending your patience on the exhausting process of managing home improvements, you will save time and money.


If you need help for background works or for a small remodelling or decoration project, contact us.


When homeowners live abroad or don’t have time to waste, they need someone to handle their home or manage their local lease. Either to prepare the house when the owners or guests arrive, leaving everything clean and organized, aerating the house, checking the water flows and avoiding clogs in the kitchen and bathrooms, as well as following those small works essential for the proper functioning of a home or property.


Our renovation works combine aesthetics and functionality. The careful choice of materials and solutions allows us to design spaces that are genuine and tailored to your taste, personality and lifestyle. These are some examples of what we do:

Flooring, Coatings, Plumbing, Electricity, Glass and Frames, Carpentry Work, Painting, Masonry Work, Hydraulic Repairs, Roof Repairs, Floor Treatments.

Architecture and Interior Projects

From the drawings in plans to the delivery of the key of your dwelling ready to inhabit, the whole project is followed by Build With Us. The specific needs of the project and all the legal issues are coordinated by our team.


A decoration project is a way of remodelling a space without doing construction works. And if it is true that a little change can make a big difference, Build With Us takes full advantage of the whole space, turning your apartment into a unique and personalized place.

Before we get to work, there are some steps to be taken:

1. Show us your apartment or house

We have an absolute interest in knowing your property.
Call us or send us an email. Contact us!

3. Discover how to value your apartment or house

Whether you are renting, selling or living in it, your property should be valued. And do you know what? It will cost you far less than you imagine.


2. Arrange our visit

First of all, we want to understand what the customer wants. Leave your contact so that Build With Us can visit you by arrangement.

4. Receive your project, budget and timetable

At the presentation meeting of your project with Build With Us, you will get to know our proposal with plans, drawings and 3D images, samples of materials and colour pallets, as well as the detailed budget with full transparency and deadlines (to be fulfilled) defined as objectively and rigorously as possible.


With Build With Us your property is in good hands.

Make your life easier.